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Product details
Induction bearing heater ZNW-8
Origin: China
Model: ZNW-8
Brief Introduction: Induction heater for bearings with inner size ?30 to 300 mm
Product details


Jingjiang ACEPOM instrument is professional in designing, producing and saling of induction bearing heaters. The ZNW series induction bearing heater, mainly sued for heating metal bearings, gears, bushings, bushing rings, pulley, etc. various types of connectors, through heating can be expanded to achieve a assembly needs. With heat sink design, better heat dissipation.


1. Automatical power regulation and demagnetization;

2. Environmental protection, no soot pollution;

3. An assembly solution with good quality, time and power saving;

4. Reliable and easy operation without fire danger.

Catalogue and parameters:

Power (KVA)23.63.681224
Voltage (V)220220220380380380
Electric current (A)91616223263
Frequency (Hz)50/6050/6050/6050/6050/6050/60
bearing ID ?: mm (mm)30-10030-16030-16030-30070-40070-600
Max. bearing OD ?: (mm)210480480500700900
Max. bearing width: (mm)115150150200265265
Operating area (w x h)   (mm)145*120140*170140*170200*200265*280265*280
Maximum weight (Kg)30456595150170
Standard yokes (mm)20,3020,30,4020,30,40,6020,30,40,7040,50,8040,50,90
Dimensions (w x d x h)(mm)330×330×345330×330×345330×330×355390×330×465900×500×850900×530×860
Weight (Kg)17203565100150
Horizontal heating bracketoptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Temperature controlMax.250°C
Control modeTemperature control, hand control
Temperature displaydigital display
Magnetic temperature measuring probeyes
Automatic power regulationyes
Automatic demagnetizationyes

ACEPOM ZNW series bearing heater manual download

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